Monday, June 12, 2006

Football Post 3

England 1 Paraguay 0

Highlights, as texted to Jon in New Zealand.

I am in position. Just listening to the eighth minute of the Paraguayan national anthem.St.

1-0 England. Own goal. St.

Still 1-0. Gerrard booked. Goal was a great Beckham free-kick which glancd in off a defender. St.

Half-time. Still 1-0. Paraguayan keeper been injured and replaced. St.

Five minutes to go. Still 1-0. Downing on for Owen, Hargreaves for Joe Cole. Both tactical. St

Over. 1-0. St

I think this is an adequate summary of the match apart from the other two minor incidents of Crouch being booked for being tall and owning a silly smile and Robinson hitting a clearance onto the giant TV screen someone had carefully positioned as an aerial defensive wall over the half-way line.

Can't imagine what it must have been like to have my texts as the only way of keeping in touch though? England were fine. Commentators over-nervous. Referee fussy not to allow water onto the pitch on a hot day.


Andy said...

Good summary St! Particularly loved Robinson hitting the TV screens. I bet you could just hear the collective sigh of the FIFA officials as the one thing they hoped wouldn't happen at that stadium happened.

Agree about the water, pure jobs-worth performance from the ref.

Also the camera man was awful and judging by the way I had to squint to see the ball, about a kilometer up and outside of the stadium.

Tim Sudworth said...

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Mike said...

What hair gel was the Mexican ref using, and did it soak through to his brain?

Mike's not so glamorous assistan said...

Maybe he was an android and it was wasn't hair gel at all but some form of synthetic something that they plonked on his head to look like hair. The only problem that they made it look like some Brylcreem (Yes, I did look up the website to get the spelling right!)obsessed man from the 1920s!

There was something "not quite of this world" about him!