Saturday, June 10, 2006

Football Post 2

An hour to go before kick off and people are walking around town in red and white or humping 24 packs of Carling (why Carling? Come on England; you can do better than that) back to their flat screen heavens.

It will all come down to detail. Not getting unnecessarily booked in the last minute of a game where the result is already beyond doubt. Not being on the receiveing end of referee error in a tight game. Not consuming the one bacterium which had snuck through the guard of the ober-chef at the team hotel. Not letting Beckhem take a penalty. That sort of thing.

I have a ridiculously busy working schedule ahead of me for the next two weeks, despite writing WC in big letters against every page of my diary, and then holidays beckon.

Will keep you posted.

Had desperate text from son Jon in New Zealand saying he couldn't get to see the game and could I text live updates. Gonna be a cheap game then.

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