Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Just to say...

So much to say and yet so little time. Am actually being stretched a bit at the moment by trying to do my two jobs whilst exploring the possibility of swapping them both for a new and different one. Off for an interview in the south-west tomorrow for a couple of days. Been in Cambridge today visiting St Paul's two Ridley ordinands (sorry about the jargon, unchurched readers) Rich and Alastair.

It's a great place. Popped out for a pre-lunch pint in a pub overlooking the Cam and the crazy punters when suddenly the place filled with mega-geeks drinking Pimms and complaining that Henrietta had farted what.

Thought I'd better browse a bookshop whilst there so Rich took me to the finest Oxfam bookshop I've ever seen. Ignored the theology and bought a hard-back Carl Hiaasen for 99p. Not read Carl Hiaasen? Funniest American crime writer living now Ed McBain is no longer with us. Explore and enjoy. Not demanding, apart from remembering all his character's names and trying to spell his name on a blog correctly twice in a row.

Now back from the Bridge of Sighs; will debrief interview with you on Thursday.

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Mike said...

Hi Steve

Been missing your input. All the best with the interview