Thursday, June 08, 2006

Big Blogger

Hello St. How are you today?

Well hello BB. Thought you'd be busy helping out on the real BB.

No, that lot can make complete fools out of themselves without any help from me. Anyway I got fed up of the swearing.

Yes it's getting me down a bit I must admit. Why do they allow the swearing to be heard but blank it out in the sub-titles? What's that all about? And why do they ask people not to swear in the eviction night programme?

You'd have to ask the producers; I'm just employed for my looks.

And if they don't want swearing why have a contestant with Tourette's Syndrome who says wankers every ten seconds. By the way lovely piece to camera last night by Pete in the diary room talking about his last job as a cloakroom attendant. 'The management loved me,' he said '...and especially they liked the fact that I said wankers a lot because some of their customers were wankers.' Friday night Davina should say, 'Big Brother House this is Davina. You are live on Channel 4 please do not swear apart from you Pete because that's not swearing it's a syndrome.' But you have to admit that it is eye-opening to discover quite how stupid real people are. I don't have enough stupid friends. Going to rectify that.


Good question. I guess I could just recalibrate my existing friends as stupid and see them from a different point of view.

Think that'll work? You have few enough friends as it is.

True. Maybe I'll just go and watch the World Cup in the Cask and Bottle.

Much better plan. Stupidity can run free down there. So how are you?

Nothing gets by you does it?

I said, nothing... oh I get it, you'll stay quiet until I respond now. I'm fine. I'm going to get something to eat now.

Open the door BB. I'm really fine. Open the door. I have no more to say. Open the door.

St. Last night at 10.45 p.m. you said... How did you do that? Come back. You can't open that door by yourself it's not possible. St. St

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