Wednesday, June 07, 2006


All the check-outs seem pretty busy at the supermarket? Have a look at number 13. The queue may be shorter. Likewise gym locker 13 is one of the last to go even though it is in a prime site near the TV.

If the ladder covers the whole of the pavement walk under it rather than stepping into the road. Being splashed by window cleaner's water is marginally less bad than being knocked down by a truck. D'yer get me? What do you mean they're called transparent wall maintenance engineers now? That joke wasn't funny in 1985.

Still you survived. I'm glad. The sixth of the sixth o six came and went. I had a good day. You? There'll be the seventh of the seventh o seven along next year and that should be such a perfect day.

Anyway a line from the music of my youth pops into my head so I don't see why I shouldn't annoy you with it too. Unlucky.

'666 is no longer alone
He's getting out the marrow in your back bone
And the 7 trumpets blowing sweet rock and roll
Gonna blow right down inside your soul.'
(Genesis, Supper's Ready from Foxtrot 1973)

Didn't really know what it meant then, which was probably the whole point of sixth form prog rock, and I still don't know what it means now but if I can find it I may play it later.

Have a good June 7th. Don't be complacent now the bad day's gone. Look out for the scythe wielding maniac in aisle 13.


Mike said...

The mighty Genesis. I had the same song in my mind yesterday. Tried singing it to the kids, but they didn't get it. Embrace: World at your feet got put on iTunes.

Might sneak my vinyl copy of Foxtrot out when I'm at home on my own, though. Proper size sleeve, turntable rumble. Can't beat it.

St said...

By a weird coincidence prog rock was discussed on David Baddiels' 'Heresy' show last night on Radio 4 and the track they chose to illustrate it - Supper's Ready by Genesis.

Martin said...

Embrace? nooooooooooooo! That's send to sleep music.

Must admit, I have no idea what this genesis track you mention sounds like. Is this from a similar era to Bread and The Eagles? Maybe I will dig out the vinyl of these (2 albums by each, which I have nicely semi-inherited on original vinyl from me dad) instead. Might listen to some of The Police too (first 2 albums - although these are on shiny new CDs with titchy cases and quantisation noise).

I do have to wonder what will come after blasphemy and heresy on here. I intend to listen to the blasphemy debate tonight, then read and comment on its post. I think by the time I actually read the football posts, the world cup may be over (although I won't really care that much).