Friday, June 09, 2006

My Interests 2

The weekly mailshot from Ticketmaster is here again and I urgently scroll down to the 'events which matched your interest' box. Razorlight are in there. How disappointing. I can imagine going to see them. Not hugely close to my interests, but a bit.

But then. But then. Ticketmaster don't let me down. They think the top event which will interest me is Opeth.

I don't know who Opeth are although you will see from the picture that looks suspiciously like a metal pose. Google Opeth. Oh yes:

'Opeth is a progressive death metal band from Sweden ... Opeth has also attracted a lot of attention from doom metal fans.' This info courtesy of Rockcrypt.

Where do they get their customer profiles done? Ben and I are off to see the Futureheads tonight. Not death. Not doom. Not metal. Not Eurovison. They are from Sunderland though. That's nearly Scandinavia.


Stewart said...

Ticketmaster's recommendations to me today were a Ronan Keating concert in Northumberland and something called "Unholy Alliance, Chapter II" (featuring 'Slayer', 'In Flames', 'Lamb of God', 'Children of Bodom' and 'Thine Eyes Bleed') in Manchester. Even if I had any interest in either of these events (and I cannot emphasise strongly enough that I don't) I would hardly be likely to attend given that I live in London.

Here's a free tip Ticketmaster - if you're going to try and tempt me to attend a concert, tempt me with an event that's taking place less than 200 miles away.

Martin said...

Yay, found a futureheads fan! You are the first person I know, other than me, that I have found who activley likes the futureheads.

As for recomendations. It is quite annoying that when I look at my profile, and then click recomendations, I get the recomendation in 3rd place of Celine Dion. I consider that an insult. Her version of "You make me feel like a natural woman" is nowhere near as good as the Carole King version. It just doesn't have the "neediness" that Carole gives to it.