Saturday, May 27, 2006

Birthday Cards


Hi dad. happy birthday. This is the only means o communication i have as i'm in a camper van in the middle of a national park in the north of new zealand. One block of battery and signal. there will be a belated message on the website as soon as we reach civilization. have a great day love jon and Carys.

Thanks. Last 10000 years suggests civilisation over-rated. Enjoy the break. Cheers. St.

People will note my pettiness in using non-americanised spelling and insisting on capital letters even in an SMS message. Good to get the text though.


Jonathan Potts said...

Not petty enough to put an apostrophe in "year's" though. :)

St said...

Read it again smart boy. Not necessary.

Jonathan Potts said...

Yeah - oops - you're right. Judging too fast. Dunno how I managed to make that mistake...