Saturday, May 27, 2006

Post Cafe

Waking up knackered on your birthday is not great but it is the tiredness of one who enjoyed a good night out at the Cafe last evening. New stage, new tables, new PA, new acts. Even a new opportunity to repair something as Lars and I spent an hour hoovering thin brick dust out of the CD mixer which had been left uncovered during either a redecoration job or an Association of British Plasterers' civil war. Anyway it worked afterwards.

As is usual at this event nothing went wrong until almost all the people had gone home when Ali and Sarah (thanks for staying to the bitter end) watched me fail to draw a set of curtains and instead pull them off the wall completely.

Thanks to everyone else, even Bob for getting more laughs selling African jewellery than I got doing stand-up comedy (only got the hang of the first two words so far). The jewellery was made of mud from the floor of the slums which is made from, inter alia, human excrement. It says a lot for Bob's selling prowess that he took money later.

Next Cafe is Friday July 14th with Celestial Spy, DJ 'jamin and Mike Peatman. It will be a Late Create with food and a chance to say goodbye and thanks to Caroline who is off to Africa.

1 comment:

Martin said...

'tis a nice stage that new one, and was indeed a good night.

I hope you ensure that the lounge still retains its retro curtain look!