Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Leamington 3 Westfields 0

Bravely coping with the North Banks' unoriginal suggestions of what they do to sheep, and the actuality of what a blustery wind does to attractive football, Westfields turned up for a mauling yesterday and, in a very tedious game, got mauled.

But a brief tribute to Westfields' number three who capped a poor first half performance by missing a penalty. With a few minutes to go a number of substitutions meant that this number three was thrown the captain's armband. 2-0 down. 10 minutes to go. Summon the pride. Could he lift his team? The ball is hoisted into Westfields penalty area. No challenge. Control the ball and turn upfield.

Not quite. Under the great pressure of Ryan Howell looking at him, this number three coolly put the ball where no-one could get it - into the back of his own net. In his defence he headed the ball quite gently back past a goalkeeper who looked personally responsible for any local pie shortages. I'd say he put in a despairing dive but he only managed the despair. I love the expressions on goalkeeper's faces as they are beaten by gentle trickling headers from players supposed to be playing in the same direction as them.

This may have been our only shot on target in the second half. I can't remember anything else about it, apart from the referee refusing to book Westfield's defender for a poor challenge, then telling the crowd, 'It's a nice game; why spoil it with a booking?' Man of the match therefore = Mr Cook the ref. Now that's a dull game. Up to fifth though with a League Cup Final to come as the last game of the season.

By the way, the best response to sheep-offence taunting I ever heard was Bristol Rovers' fans response of 'Don't knock it 'til you've tried it.'

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Kerron said...

Are they Brake-ing new ground?

Ha ha ha...ahem. Sorry. I apologise.

You can't better the madness of Aidy Boothroyd at Watford though. This week we staged a mock penalty shoot out at the end of the game.

Most players missed but celebrated anyway. Football is a post-modern game. Fact. :-)