Thursday, April 20, 2006


How do you feel today? I only ask because I find the question difficult. I can reply 'fine,' 'good' or 'not bad' because these are almost always true, but what is the whole truth about my feelings? I need to raid the adjective locker. Today's selection might include confused, thoughtful and worried, but these paint the wrong picture overall as I am simply trying to work out which, of the many trivial tasks I could be doing, to avoid next. I always find Thursday mornings difficult as I stop being employed as a clergyman and become a writer for two days. Thursday mornings' posts are usually writing practice and little more. How do I feel? Unready, almost-inspired and smelling of smoke from the lounge bar of the Somerville Arms last night so must wash my hair.

I get so frustrated at sporting winners being invited, as question one of the post-match interview, to tell us how they feel. Even the BBC alternative, often posed by a female interviewer because they've apparently got a better grip on these sorts of things, 'Put into words what this moment means to you,' is actually the feelings question in disguise.

Which is why professional sports-people, rarely blessed with the precious gift of articuwhateverthingy end up being 'over the moon.'

The feelings question is a useful tool in the small group facilitator's kit though. If someone looks stumped by a 'What do you think of...' question, rephrase it as, 'How do you feel about...' and more often than not they will find words.

So what do I think about today? I think it is another opportunity to improve my cash-flow. And on that bombshell...

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