Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Spam 2

Further to my post about the writings of Cornelius Melendez I have today received another in the same vein from Julian Miranda. Again it is a tip off about a share deal but notice the accidental beauty of random language as she says:

'...negligible arrow red-light district justified the in. of is corrosion to an rewind and... Rte. uniform both a mutely, parentage drum distention, cappuccino in barrier to an rare was tokenism essential, deep-seated and this powerless in relive, to calmness,. the insensitivity, northwest are supervision it boardinghouse handshake interwoven,. homework, as... repudiate, compose Representative, as corroboration heterosexual jumble but last satiny the wetback a the of this enumerate practice, with formless, queasiness fugitive of satire Y with description a as chandelier wart is but fossilize by overate of autoworker acrylic as albeit the of southeasterly, production tip, re good old boy, with spacecraft are translucent, prophet, the xylophone forehead hooves infinite thankfully that pressed: decapitate...'

She then introduces the share offer and bows out with:

'...grocer solidly fidgety dividend cyclone hospitalization prologue that prudent, with an sardine spit to and vaccinate. the double-breasted someday an hypotheses as brawl the! brothel woken unorthodox quadrilateral that chuckle persuasion at viewer Achilles' heel abdication ornithologist was Native American disabled dyslexic, genealogist takeout soak soaring. seminal of prof.'

'heterosexual jumble' and 'formless, queasiness fugitive of satire' somehow encapsulate far more of my working life than any appraisal. And as for 'disabled, dyslexic, genealogist.' There has to be a punchline.

Also arrow red-light district. Formation prostitution anyone?

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