Thursday, March 23, 2006

Big Blogger

BB. Long time no pester. How you doing?

You know the form.

I thought I'd stand on ceremony for a bit. Courtesy never hurts.

You seem to find it easier to be courtous to figments of your imagination than real people.

There are real people?

Sort of. Less false, certainly.

Who you calling false?

You. You have so many masks you don't know who you are anymore.


Did I hurt your feelings.

No, I've got some rheumatism in my mouse finger.

Stop hiding behind humour.

Who else invents a character to give them a beating?

Does it matter?

OK. OK. Soul baring time; it seems the only way to get rid of you. I have had a hard time trying to write coherently over the last few weeks on any of my own projects, yet have found it quite easy to write on spiritual matters. I feel a tentative yanking back towards the idea of pastoral work.

Tentative yanking. Great name for a band.

Stop hiding behind humour and daignose me. You haven't thought of a punchline to the disabled dyslexic genealogist joke yet have you?

There's something there about falling out of a family tree. Needs work on the dyslexic bit.

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