Thursday, March 16, 2006


My friend Rory and I have been studying the names of the fictitious spammers we hear from. This today from Cornelius Melendez:

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Now I thought Cornelius was trying to sell me something to cure a performance problem as the words dwindle, droop and deformation sort of er, stood out. But no. After this text came one of those 'Buy these shares or you're an idiot' messages. Sadly the idiot accolade is available only to those who consider me to have enough spare cash to run a share portfolio. Dur.

After the sales pitch the text continued:

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My e-mail service provider wasn't fooled, no siree. The message arrived labelled 'spam' and no mistake.

Anyone else had such messages? Found hidden sense? Made it into a T-shirt? It's kind of better than my blog one from a few weeks back.

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