Saturday, March 25, 2006

Cafe Create

Great evening at the cafe last night as usual. Big up to the only Christian gathering I ever go to which happens without a preparation meeting.

It occurs to me that we might just be a little light in the area of health and safety. With this in mind grateful thanks to those who regularly hump stage blocks about. It probably ought to be a hard-hat job. Matt has managed to get a grant towards some new modular staging, the individial bits of which can double as coffee tables. So guess what? They can live in a coffee lounge not on the toilet roof (don't ask).

Last night the fire eaters, breathers and twirlers were responsible for their own safety. Glad to see that flaming basket only hit you on the head Paddy and nowhere important. Matt has burnt his lips. The biggest danger was probably to passing traffic, braking wildly and careering across Leicester Street as drivers saw tongues of fire apparently leaping out of the church's Alpha banner.

Othewise the poems of Simes were moving and clever as ever, Mike PAd professionally (cos he is one) and devoted far too much time to producing a cafe-mix playlist but thanks anyway for doing it. Legends of the Whitnash State Circus were so leftfield we watched and listened in awed silence. More please.

Good stuff too from James Horn, Jimmy Buckland and local covers band Koji.

See you in May.

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Anonymous said...

ach, nuts to health and safety!! Congrats on running such a fine event, possibly the only Xtian thing I feel comfy inviting my non Xtian mates along to.
Cheers for the public bigups. Much Love.

P Diddy