Saturday, March 25, 2006


Here's last night's poetry challenge, with the compulsory words in bold.

How will it be,
The ending of me
As we all say goodbye to my soul?
Will it just disappear
On a trip to IKEA,
Or maybe sucked in a black hole?

Will I lose my last legs
On some bad mini eggs
That had spent far too long in the dish?
Or for me that the knife's meant,
Confronting harrassment?
Is it time that I sleep with the fish?

Will the sauce look like hoi sin
And yet be rat poisin?
Will I turn the worst colour yet seen?
I'm a stopped tamagotchi
Please, nobody watch me
If my final moments are green.

Over my eyes pull wool -
I met a cannibal,
With a fork he did chop and then hack 'til
Of one thing I'm certain,
As I face the last curtain,
My last word won't be interfractal.

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