Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Furniture Sale

I am selling some furniture but sadly, and prepare yourself for one of the worst sentences ever spoken in English, according to the auctioneers, '...the bottom has fallen out of the brown goods market.'

They are taking our ghastly, walnut veneered wardrobe and chest of drawers which may make a bob or two but not a piano or table, so if anyone wants:

Paul Gerrard 1909 upright piano
Pine farmhouse table (seats 6 comfortably but we've done 8 uncomfortably quite often)

Make me an offer. Be mean. Buyer collects I'm afraid.


Mike said...

Steve. I know that table. I love it, but alas have no space for it.

Martin said...

hmmmm.... Piano sounds good, but transportation difficult. We have a piano here, but one of the notes is broke (F below middle C - really anoying!), but I expect I'll stick with it now and maybe get the note fixed.