Thursday, February 09, 2006

Big Blogger

9.35 a.m. and St enters the diary room.

Hello St. How are you today?

Glad you asked. I need a few probing questions to help me work out how I am. 'OK' will just not cut it as an answer.

So, how are you?



Meaning survival is the lowest form of life but I'm surviving.

What are you up to?

Not a lot frankly. Having one of those patches where writing isn't easy and so whilst I know I need and ought to be getting on with some writing for pleasure (and possible publication) I seem a bit stuck.

Change of scenery?

Thanks that's nice. Where's my computer?

What's wrong with a pen?

You're not helping.

Well you came in here; I didn't call for you.

Sorry. I'll go.

Later perhaps. When you've had some food, watched last night's football, said goodbye to the wardrobe and had a shower.

Can I do all that before trying to write?

I'd prescribe it St. You are still coming down off one. You need all your bits to land, not just your body.


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