Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Sabbatical Week 3

Week 1 was all about an interview for a Parish job which came to nothing.

Week two was about the mathematics of writing full-time and the whole pension thing, plus paying a tax bill and discovering that I was quite tired.

It ended with a weekend in Devon visiting our youngest prior to him and his girlfriend touring the world for six months. As a responsible parent I am feeling a cross between desperately worried and wildly excited for them. They have managed to book this:

Heathrow to Bangkok
Singapore to Australia (I know it's big but I can't remember where)
Australia to New Zealand
New Zealand to Bali
Bali to Heathrow

To include some coach travel in Australia and all insurance for just over £1500 apiece. I will have to plant quite a few trees to compensate.

This week I have much work to do for my friends at World Vision who are launching a new web-site very soon. Which is why I am posting when I should be researching natural disasters.

Taking a day off tomorrow to do movie, meal and probing questions with my blog-friend finker. And our beloveds are going to meet and probably share their frustrations at being married to nerdy bloggers (well one might anyway).

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