Thursday, February 09, 2006

Pesky Cartoons

Have been involved in a few discussions elsewhere about freedom of speech and cartoons so won't duplicate matters by posting here. If you want to follow some of them up look at these places:

Andy Bastable
The Cartoon Blog
Life, the Universe and Everything

One of the most interesting places I dropped in during this round of discussion was the Media watch web-site. It specifically exists to make fun of religious people who try to stop freedom of speech. They don't pull any punches in offending religious people on the way so you will find links to many cartoons and articles you may find offensive, or feel others may find offensive. I'd advise you to rope up, step out and jump in if you don't mind a metaphor souffle. If you want to be offended, join in the debate.

I'm going to spend a little more time in future hanging around on the corners of blogs written by people who don't seem to agree with me. But first, to the pub for lunch.


Simon said...

The media watch site is cool, Steve. I see you do encourage people to think for themselves... I think.

St said...

I try to. Of course I have an axe but I try not to grind it as much as some do.