Sunday, October 09, 2005

Quiz 2005

In order to stand a chance of winning the prize of a digital television and DVD player together with free movie rentals for a year from a rental company who are paying us to use their name anyway, simply answer this simple question:

Which famous religious leader had the initials JC? Was it:

a) Jasper Carrot
b) Jimmy Connors
c) Jesus Christ

Phone 0900xxx6754 and pay us £1 per minute to listen to 2 minutes drivel so that the cost of the prize is covered and we still make some cash. Or e-mail:

Answers available from:

Give us a quid you git competition
PO Box 4567
Some city you'd never expect 'cos that's where the competition is being handled.

Sorry everyone. I was watching Saturday night TV too much. It's dull isn't it?

Meanwhile got as wet as I would have got being underwater amongst Leamington FC's first 1000 plus crowd for a while watching them win 2-0 in the third FA Cup qualifying round and now get to the round the conference clubs are in. We could play Exeter, Hereford, Kidderminster or the like. And then... who knows?


Martin said...

Sounds like the Quiz Call channel on freeview. They give you a question that literally takes two seconds to answer. Then they wait for enough people to call at 60p a throw, and then give away £50. Also, you then have about a 1 in 366 chance of winning £500 (they compare your birthday to a randomly picked date). Of course, they have a disclaimer that not everyone who calls gets through to the studio, and they use this to pretend the question is really difficult.

Grand to see the local team doing well, even though I don't like football.

Caio for now...

hadge said...

Hi steve, thanks for dropping by my blog - good to be back in touch . . .