Saturday, October 08, 2005


Massively quick summary of the week so far and its required thinking:

1. Alabama 3 at Warwick Student's Union. Excellent. Two new songs to open which both sounded good. D Wayne's vocal not loud enough. Larry spent the whole set singing sitting with a goat's head didgeredoo in his hand (I kid you not). Had he done his back? Not as good a show as Oxford in May. Haven't seen a band at the beginning and end of the same tour before. They looked tired and a little mashed.

2. Apparently some people have voiced dissatisfaction about the things I blogged under the 'New Kind of Christian' heading a few days ago. Of course being part of the normal human race they voiced the dissatisfaction to someone else not me. Why can churches not manage honest debate better than others? We should be good at it. People could even put a comment on the blog without too much difficulty. I don't remove genuine comments; only spam.

3. A Christian Charity who believe in trade justice for all paid me two months late without interest. Hmmm.

4. Brian Draper's thought for the day today brilliantly set out the difficulty of believing that God would tell you to invade a country. It is as if, he said, they have failed to realise that the boundary between good and evil runs down the middle of each person not down a country's border. Big up to the person he referred to as wearing the Who Would Jesus Bomb? T-shirt this week.

5. The crew at Solo Restaurant have bought the Wykeham Arms at Sibford Gower, just west of Banbury and close enough to Hook Norton to sell their beers. Go. Now.

Took friends to Solo last night. Another brilliant meal. Having been to their places three times in a fortnight we got free coffees and no charge for a half glass of champagne.

6. Our oldest has decided to move out. Our youngest has moved out. Did I ever tell you that since eldest is Ben and youngest is Jon we have Big Ben and Little Jon. Never saw that coming when we named them. So last night's meal was courtesy of the only month of our lives when our sons make a nett contribution to our household budget, Jon no longer requiring support and Ben handing over his final rent cheque.


Caroline said...

I enjoyed your "New Kind of Christian" post

I don't know, but nowadays I tend to think that God is more concerned that we become like Him than we should believe the right things about Him.

That's not to say belief is unimportant but to say that the transformation of our minds and hearts is a great deal bigger than a set of axioms.

Martin said...

Actually, thinking from this perspective as a starting point, surely, if you become more like god, then eventually, at some point, you will start to believe the right things about him. In fact, probably picking up things about god by doing that you wouldn't truly understand any other way.

does that make sense? or am I talking nonsense again? It makes sense in my head anyway.