Sunday, September 25, 2005

Solo Restaurant, Leamington Spa

Brilliant meal. Phone 01926 422422 to book for Ian or Duncan to cook your tea. Special deals on Monday nights when they use the weekend's left overs.

23 Dormer Place
Leamington Spa
Warwickshire CV32 5AA

Liz had pumpkin and parmesan risotto to begin with. Duncan said they had the sort of vegetable supplier who phoned and said 'Ive got these great pumpkins but they must be eaten today.' So he took a couple and knocked up the risotto.

I had crab and mango salad which was simplicity itself but not two things I'd put together before.
Main course Liz had salmon, potatoes and roasted fennel. Fantastic piece of fish. Really rough, earthy, wild flavour. I had rump of baby deer. Liz said it would only have sounded worse if it had said 'ickle baby deer'. Well it was fantastic; moist, rich, gamey and pink. Served with mustard mash and red cabbage.

Desserts included creme broule (Liz) and treacle tart (me). Treacle tart was made with lemon as all good ones should be.

One glass of champagne, one V&T, bottle of Synergy pinot noir and two coffees. Less than a ton for the lot including service. A simple two course meal with no wine and tap water is £20 a head; less on Mondays.

Sensibly sized portions. Go there.


Uncle Walter said...

Surely treacle tart should be made with treacle. It sounds like you had lemon tart.

Tiffer Robinson said...

We walked into Solo to see what it was like on a Friday night at around 8 and were immediately led to a table next to where they make the food, and where the waitress stood next to me while waiting for something to do, despite the fact that the restaurant was empty. We were offered champagne? We were then given the obligatory bottled water (£3) which we didn't want, and ordered drinks while we looked at the menu. We decided 25 pounds a head was too much for two course as we weren't celebrating anything and can't afford that kind of money for what looked admittedly like very nic food. Was most upset about being given the rubbish table too. So we paid our £7 pounds for two soft drinks and the obligitary water and went to Pizza Express, where we enjoyed a slap up meal at a lovely table with service which was much more suited to us for literally half the price.

I think we went on a bad night. And we should have checked the outside menu. We might go there if we have something special to celebrate, as the food did look really good, but for that particular "date night" we gave it a miss!

St said...

Solo gets very full on a Friday or Saturday night. They don't use a table twice in an evening (another reason it is pricey) so I would guess that all the other tables were booked for later in the evening.

I recommend you book for a Monday night, stick to two courses, refuse the bottled water and ask for tap and pass on the wine. You may well find the bill is £36. The food is great and this, for me, is the most important thing in a restaurant. Thanks for commenting.