Saturday, September 24, 2005

Get Rich Quick

This morning's post (read in bed; what a privilege) included my six monthly royalty statement from Scripture Union for the book A Youthworker's Tale. It has sold 768 copies to date, 19 in the last half-year, and I now only owe them £416.92. At 45p (my 7.5%) a copy that's just another 1,000 sales.

The second letter I opened said, 'Did you know there is a small group of men and women in the UK who are quietly amasing huge personal wealth?' Liz had to prize me up from the head-banging position. Maybe the small group of wealth accumulators could buy a few copies each. They'd enjoy it, I'm certain.

Anyway there is always someone worse off than yourself and tonight it's the family who have won a holiday in Florida. That's missing isn't it?

Joke of the week (look away now those of you who are in any sense threatened by sexual jokes).

Why are hurricanes female?
Because when they come they're warm and wet and when they go they take the house.

Leamington 2 Oadby 2 in the FA Cup. Nice afernoon in the sun. Replay Tuesday. Still hanging on to the idea of Forest in Round 1 proper.

Eating out at Solo tonight. Best restaurant in Leamington. It's not all those 45ps. Liz is paying. Hooray.



Annie Porthouse said...

ho ho ho!
totally relate to the 'receiving a statement from SU and working out how much you now owe them' thing!
saying that, they did re-print dearbob, which was cool, but haven't made my 1st million yet... sure it's just round the corner... haven't located the exact corner yet tho!
i think i know yr book - a youthworkers diary? SU obviously decided to use the exact format they'd invented for my books when they did yours... not sure that's v nice for either of us, but never mind!
anyway, just thought i'd say hi.

Darren said...

Hey are all my authors ganging up on me?

Not sure why youthworker's tale hasn't sold too well (well I do but it is out of my hands as I have no control over our marketing dept who live somewhere between realities).

Like Annie's books youthworker's tale is excellent, funny but not quite as rude as the hurricane joke, which was so rude I laughed out loud till I cried.