Monday, September 26, 2005

Willow Creek

Who was it who said, 'Always make sure your words are sweet; one day you may have to eat them.'

My slagging off of Purpose Drivel Life the other day coincides with the arrival of the programme for the Willow Creek Conference in Stafford which our staff team is attending. Guess who is the second act? Rick Warren, that's who, on Leadership is Stewardship.

I will gladly keep you informed.


Chris said...

I await to hear how it has gone. Got slightly concerned when you slagged off Purpose Driven Life in earlier post as I coordinated our church doing the "40 Days of Purpose" campaign this time last year where everyone in the church gets a copy (plus co-ordinated services and small group sessions). We gave away 300 copies to unsuspecting parishioners... Bet that makes you cringe even more?!

I'm not saying it's for everyone (certainly not everyone in our church either), but it did have a positive impact on a lot of areas of our church life. The challenge is to make it a lasting impact I guess. Not doing too bad so far.


St said...

Our church did a similar thing Chris. That's how I came to have to read it rather than using it to prop up a wobbly table. It seemed to help some people too. Mainly the sort who like to have a purpose and enjoy the feeling of being driven. It seems to have passed its tipping point that's for sure. Glad it worked for you. I don't think it's made any discernable difference to our church life.

Chris said...

I guess I like to have some purpose in what I do. Is that the same as a having a purpose? I'm not sure.

Not sure I ever liked the idea of being driven and that is probably the biggest hang up some people had with the book. A friend of mine refused to read the similarly titled "Purpose Driven Church" because of the driven bit in the title!