Saturday, August 06, 2005


Brief bits and pieces from the last couple of days in no particular order:

Drove to Exeter with Jon's things. Didn't cry. The place he and Carys are living in has a much better view from the window than we have. Carys has a dog who loves Jon deeply because he throws frisbees.

Predicted text calls frisbees episcys.

Fred, the dog we look after occasionally is here, too old to jump for episcys and still eats cat pooh, throws it up, then eats it again. It's a sort of party trick of his.

Today was the best day's Test Match cricket I have seen in my whole life.

Henry Ireland sneezed on me last week and I've caught his summer head cold. Henry Ireland is too young to be at fault.

RIP Robin Cook. An MP with a conscience; now there was a change.

Out in five minutes for a barbie. This is dull. Ruthless Christian-based social satire to return tomorrow.

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