Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Catching Up

Tilley my boy, how you been?

Good thanks Big Blogger. Whassup?

What is up is that no-one has said 'whassup' round here for about three years since Bud pulled their commercials.

Oops. Lost my cultural credibility.

Long time ago.


So what is up with you?

Well we been on us holidays and got tanned. We went to our baby son's graduation and got moved (in Welsh). We met his girlfriend's parents, which sounds like something old people do, and got food together. We learned what happens at a Hindu wedding and got veggie curry. We got a reply from Lloyds Bank and got a donation to charity. We got mad with every Big Brother contestant and wanted them all to lose somehow. We visited the Eden Project and got enthusiastic about saving the planet again.

That sounds like the next four or five posts then.


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