Thursday, July 21, 2005

Green Stuff

At the Eden Project I got immensely excited about doing more to save the planet but the trouble with being back from holiday is that all the old consumer things such as several loads of washing a day, watering the garden, having to drive to the tip to recycle cardboard and plastic and you are suddenly in the middle of a conundrum the answer to which is guesswork.

Does it use more energy than it saves to wash out a plastic bottle and drive it to the tip? Showers are better than baths but I have many of my best ideas about 20 minutes into a bath and I need ideas to generate my salary. My organic vegetables are delivered in a van, although they haven't come half-way round the world first. My gas boiler is inefficient but it is as efficient as it was when I got it but efficiency has moved on.

I have many great plans for making drafts sets out of milk carton tops and notice boards out of corks but find the time and inclination are sadly lacking.

My compost heap releases a millon flies into the world every time I open the lid.

I don't have a car but my wife does 35,000 miles a year (not just to get away from me but who'd blame her).

I think I need a personal, planet-saving consultant to tell me what to do every step of the way to optimise my existence.

Meanwhile, as my mentor Don always used to say, if you leave everywhere tidier than you found it you'll get invited back. Pick up one piece of litter per trip out and you help.

Now I'm writing an article about depression so I must get back to it.


Caroline said...

I know what you mean, I recently did one of those ecological footprint tests and it seems that I'm personally responsible for using 4 and a half worlds' worth of resources.

As far as I could see my major problem was living on my own and so having to drive on my own.

but somehow it doesn't seem to be a promising chat up line to "come on over sometime and improve my ecological footprint"!

sigh, lifes dead complicated

St said...

It's a great chat-up line. I'd respond.