Monday, March 14, 2016

God at the Movies

A list of the films referenced at today's Continuing Ministerial Training day and the issues we discussed after each clip. Clip information can be made available on request:

ACT 1 (the set up)
The Big Lebowski
How would different people tell the story of your life?

West Wing Season 2 - Episode 19
What apparently minor details in your life turned out to be really significant?

How does life work out? Do you feel like you have a plan? Or are part of someone else's?

ACT 2 (developing and escalating the conflict)
Yes Man
How would it be if you changed but for and and no for yes?

Have you ever tried to figure out a mystery?
How did it go?

The Way Way Back
Who are your friends? How did you meet?

Enemy of the State
Who is watching? Big Brother? God? What would you do if you were caught up in something, innocently?

Margin Call
What has been the cause of conflict in your life? What caused it to escalate?

What fixes a reputation? What gives a person value? What is a person worth?

Wag the Dog
Do you wear any masks or construct any alternate realities for people to believe in? Who sees the real you? The real truth?

ACT 3 (crisis and resolution)
How does God speak to you? In dreams?
How would you react if he placed an enormous task on your shoulders?

Harry Potter
What would you do with great power? Use it for good? Or not trust yourself and destroy it?

The Last Temptation of Christ
Sort truth from fiction. How much of this is biblical?

Jesus of Montreal
The story of Jesus can be so captivating that you can get really caught up in it. Have you been?

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