Monday, October 26, 2015

Thought for the Day

I used to be quite intimidated down at my local gym. Everyone looked so fit.

I expect there are tired limbs today. Some of the 6500 runners in yesterday's inaugural Bristol-Bath Marathon were equipped and experienced enough to wake up without stiffness this morning.

Others will have strained every sinew to do something remarkable for themselves.

Yesterday our church was looking at one of Jesus' stories. After the parable of the rich fool, where he criticises a man for building bigger barns to store his surplus when he could have been generous, Jesus tells his listeners not to worry about tomorrow, food or clothing.

Not - don't plan. Not - don't care. Not - don't act.

But, don't worry. Easy to say; hard to hear.

It is true that you can't add an hour to your life by worrying. Whilst you can add several days to it by eating well and exercising.

Is the massive upsurge of interest in getting sponsored to run marathons a way of not worrying? Particularly in situations where I cannot do anything to help.

I can't do anything about my friend's illness. But perhaps I can raise money for the cancer charity which means so much to her. Certainly more use than worrying.

I may not be able to do much about my family finances right now. But running in the countryside is free and good for me.

I may not be able to do much about improving my image, fashion-wise. But everyone looks the same in running gear.

I used to be quite intimidated down at my local gym. Then I realised that we are all united in doing something good for our health. Worrying - no. Caring - oh yes.

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