Saturday, August 01, 2015

Ministry Tips 76-100

76. Diary reading and study time.
77. Bereavement visit. Not good to get embroiled in arguments about how the church has changed. Remember comments for later.
78. All invitations to become a disciple of Jesus should be accompanied by a health and safety warning.
79. There is nothing wrong with MBHA (Ministry By Hanging Around) but be conspicuous. MBH (Ministry By Hiding) doesn't work.
80. If you speak the truth it is easier to remember what you said.
81. There is no difference between really caring and apparently caring as far as the cared-for are concerned.
82. Most of us, most of the time, have no idea what we are doing.
83. Sometimes you should appear to have nothing better to do than wander around picking up litter.
84. The things you are in charge of should require most thinking time and least physical time.
85. Have a dirty-hands job you do without seeking accolades.
86. A good celebrant and a good referee have a lot in common. Create atmosphere, control proceedings, completely unnoticed.
87. Ministry is not all about doing; sometimes simply being is important too. Don't fill every hour with things to do.
88. Empty your filing tray then destroy it. Put all paper away at once.
89. Each time you file a piece of paper in the filing cabinet try and throw one or two pieces out.
90. Follow @johnnvtruscott for regular tips on all things admin.
91. It is probably worth paying someone to do your tax.
92. To work out whether to employ someone for a job you could do, cost yourself per hour and see if you can do it cheaper.
93. It is not a sin to spend extra time on the bits of your job you really enjoy.
94. Talk to children. Make the adults wait in line while you finish.
95. Stuck for conversation starter with children? Try 'I like your shoes'. Only use with adults if you actually like the shoes.
96. When someone shouts at you, respond in a quieter-than-usual voice and don't touch them.
97. 'Vision is the ability to remember the purpose of the work.' (C) Clucas The Fruit Game
98. No-one ever got criticised for dressing too smartly for an interview. Clergy should wear clerical collars.
99. Close files in the cabinet with paper clips. Remove them when using file. After a year archive files still clipped shut
100. If someone else is leading a service or office less well than you would have done, let them.

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