Monday, July 27, 2015

Supper's Ready?


Interior day. A man sits on a sofa reading the paper. A black labrador dog 'Diesel' pushes its head past the paper and licks the man.

Diesel: What time is it?
Man: 5.45
Diesel: Yay. Supper time.
Man: No.
Diesel. What? I always eat at 5.45.
Man: Here you eat at 6.

(Diesel walks round table twice)

Diesel: What time is it?
Man: 5.45 and 30 seconds.
Diesel: Yay. Supper time.
Man: No.

(Diesel fetches coloured scrunchy slobbery thing and places it on man's bare knee)

Diesel: What time is it?
Man: 5.46.
Diesel: It's not supper time yet is it?
Man: Take a wild guess.
Diesel: Suppose you forget.
Man: I don't think I will.
Diesel. Still, better safe than sorry. I brought you some slobber.

(Diesel lies at my feet and looks mournful for 45 seconds)

FX: voice off in next door garden.

Diesel barks.

Diesel: I saved you from attack. Is it supper time?
Man: Eight more minutes.
Diesel: 'kin joking.
Man: Language
Diesel: I may die of starvation in seven.
Man: I'll risk that; your owners already gave me the beer.
Diesel: Anyway, I've been thinking. How come you eat five times a day and me only twice?
Man: My gaff; my rules. Beer?

(Diesel walks round the table twice more)

I get up to get food after six more minutes, delayed only by tripping over a dog on the way and on the way back.

FX: eating noises

Man: What time is it?

Close up of dog and empty bowl then of clock showing 6.01.


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