Sunday, June 22, 2014


When visiting a Catholic Church on Gozo male tourists in shorts are often turned away because to show that much leg (hairy or otherwise) is deemed disrespectful. Women, likewise, are required to borrow a shawl to cover those shoulders and a wrap to cover their knees.

But at weddings, one of which we watched today from the safety of a piazza cafe, whilst the men all turn up in sharp suits, and even the local farmers wear what is probably their only tie, the younger women turn up in vertiginous heels, bare shoulders and tight dresses which barely cover their knickers if pulled down with that little shimmy movement women in too-short skirts often manoeuvre through. Not that I stare.

I'd post a photo or two but I swear the porn filters would reject them.

Maybe the priests need something to look at through a wedding, especially on a Sunday with four masses to do as well.

Anyway the country that rips you off with Catholic tat has got a strange line on respect. Churches are the only place on the Maltese Islands we have ever been treated badly.

I'm sitting here waiting for the fashion show to come out of church again. It was all the wife's idea. I'm just a reluctant conscript. She took a photo of the bride getting out of the car.

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Kay Wootton said...

So true, Tom & I are in Dubrovnik and we watched a wedding yesterday and the same could be said of all the participants though I did notice that the bride to be in a strapless number covered her shoulders as she prepared to go in with a piece of fabric so fine it wasn't worth bothering. This church is the only now we could not go in with our shorts on but for some reason it was ok in the Cathederal!