Thursday, May 22, 2014

Thought for the Day

As delivered just now in that don't-mention-the-war way that the BBC has - terrified about misusing its influence? - here is my non-political thought for polling day:

At the time of elections I have twinned questions swimming around my head.

Which candidate will make life best for me? Or who will make life best for most people?

Which candidate will preserve my rights? Or who will fight for the rights of others?

Which candidate will make my road safer? Or who will make the world safer?

Tough call. Takes a bit of thought. But if we think they're all the same ... perhaps we haven't listened to the speeches. Or maybe haven't read the manifestos. Sometimes I'm lazy and don't think afresh. My mind made up. Everything pre-judged.

Jesus told of a man who fell amongst thieves. The parable of the Good Samaritan. Two holy people who you would have expected to help passed by on the other side of the road. Didn't want to get involved. A Samaritan was an enemy. From the other side of the hills and national background. Jesus says a Samaritan, of all people, stopped to help.

Yesterday Steve, you told us about someone who stopped to help you. Don't imagine you asked him questions about his political views before accepting aid.

Insert the name of the group you have fewest expectations of into the gap to work out how it felt to hear Jesus' story. The parable of the good (beat) City supporter? The parable of the good (beat) Frenchman? The parable of the good (beat) traffic warden? Just examples.

But do you get the impact? If the person you expect to be bad turns out to be good. They change your world then, (beat) and your world-view for ever.

One imaginary guy, two millennia ago, changed his mind about Samaritans. Now. Have you low expectations of anyone? Should you think again?

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