Saturday, May 24, 2014

A New Version of an Old Story, possibly not for Church Magazines

Wrote this a few years ago but it feels surprisingly apt today:

Somebody, Everybody, Anybody, Nobody

This is a story about four people called Somebody, Everybody, Anybody and Nobody.

There was a job which Anybody could have done, but he didn’t. Somebody came along and said, ‘Look, Anybody could have done this.’

Everybody agreed that Anybody had screwed up big-time. Somebody phoned Nobody. ‘Get here now,’ said Somebody, ‘and bring that big shooty thing’.

Nobody came along and let Anybody have it. Blood, guts, death, mess. Everybody laughed. ‘Tosser’, said Nobody. ‘Deserved it,’ said Everybody.

Somebody videoed it. Everybody paid for the new snuff movie and Anybody, who should have done it in the first place, is now famous for what happened when he didn’t.

Just do it. Or Nobody may come and get you.

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