Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Fresh Expressions in and around Nailsea

Here is my news to the local churches:

Can I report to you and give you some dates of things coming up under this heading of my job. I would love a bit of publicity around the Local Ministry group for this stuff.
Jono Peatman performing at Cafe Create

Cafe Create is this Friday at Holy Trinity and then November 15th in the Tithe Barn 7.30 - 11.00. It consists of a fair-trade cafe bar with live entertainment. It runs on the third Friday every other month and will be carrying on through 2014. Although the best venues are in the Holy Trinity complex this is not a Holy Trinity event but a Local Ministry Group one.

On October 18th, again at Holy Trinity at 7.30 will be our second experiment at Cafe Congregate. The atmosphere and ethos will be exactly as Cafe Create but the live performance slot will include some presentation with overtly Christian content, some video presentations to get people thinking about God and some opportunity to engage with prayer.

After this event we will review and see if it is to become a regular part of the fixture list. Contributions to this discussion welcome.

Quiet Days at 29 Vynes Way are an opportunity for those who need some space to have a day in silence to read, pray, think, or even work on something. They run on the last Thursday of every month from 10.00 - 4.00. Each time there is some input from the Bible to ponder, a meal provided for a donation, and a chance to share prayer needs if required. Up to 12 people are welcome each time. They have been running, successfully, for the last six years.

Dates for the rest of this year are:

Quiet Day lunch

21/11 (a week early because of the clergy gathering at Swanwick the following week)

Helen Wills is now duplicating this work from her house in Backwell, if that is more convenient or my dates don't work. Ask me for details or the email.

Preachers Support Group is not strictly a fresh expression but a response to a felt need for those who preach to have a chance for input and to share. It is available to the whole LMG. We meet on a Monday evening twice a term at my house from 7.45 - 9.15. Next two dates are:


If any church would like to have a discussion with me about other ways that we could work together on any new way of being church please let me know. I love facilitating group discussions on this subject or offering time to any fledgling proposal and plan.
Having been away on the Pioneer Breakout gathering last week I am filled with new enthusiasm for this part of my work and want to develop it.
Thanks for reading and in anticipation of your support,

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