Saturday, September 21, 2013

Cafe Create September 2013

We had a poetry challenge last night. A poem about central heating to include the words:


Pleased with this:

If you're bored with Bristol tasks
Finished drinking all your casks
Tracked down every wayward gromet
To the point they make you vomit

Late September turning cold
Chilly, or I'm getting old
Get a jumper (or a harlot?)
When morning colour's blue not scarlet

Your house has now become a fridge
An outpost on a frozen ridge
When the night time starts to freeze
No need to put away the cheese

And even if a rodent felon
Should perchance nibble your melon
You can know it will stay fresher
If you do resist the pressure

To press the switch and warm the meeting
Fire up the central heating
And maybe next year's job for us
Wallace and Hippopotamus

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