Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Not everything the writer writes is necessarily what he thought yesterday

Odd title. It's a quote from a comment on a post a while back.

I have taken a few moments to look back over some of my writing as this blog celebrates its tenth anniversary this year.

We all move on. I have chronicled a few battles with life and faith. I have written of my inner world using a character called Big Blogger with whom I have Socratic dialogues (I flatter myself). I have worried aloud about whether my humour errs on the side of insensitivity. I have shared my Christmas non-news letters. I have added other bits of biography, life-skills, training ideas, theological meanderings, comments on the issues of the day and have by-and-large not been too worried about the visitor numbers.

I have shared sermons, thoughts for the day and old, unpublished articles. I have advertised forthcoming events. I have had three name changes - Mustard Seed Shavings became The Water Walkers Apprentice and is now just eponymous.

I have promoted three books and moved house.

West Brom have been relegated twice and promoted three times.

I have catalogued my CD collection and am doing the same with my quote books.

The labels on the side bar still work and you can see how my ideas have changed and moved on in ten years.

I have enjoyed the occasional dialogues through the comments box, although these discussions seem far more likely to happen on Twitter or Facebook these days. My disappointment at rude comments from the anonymous remains.

The main point of all this is, I think, a personal catharsis. I work out what I feel and think by writing and engaging in conversation afterwards.

So although I have been relatively quiet recently (my writing has found other forums) I want to record my gratitude for about the 100 of you a time who read each post and the others who take a feed and I don't get to count. It's been a blast. Thanks for being there.

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Marcella said...

You're welcome, I very much enjoy reading your entries.