Friday, August 09, 2013


People who have never had to pump out two or three thousand words a day for a living may not understand this. And the fact that I am writing anything will seem a tad contradictory. But the last few days I have been stuck. Twitter followers and Facebook friends will have seen a list of an alarming number of jobs I have finally got round to.

Athletes have their wall. A point beyond which you cannot get psychologically even though you know you have some more energy. I guess they learn to get over it. They must.

But every now and again the dreaded WB hits. I have techniques to get over it. Displacement activities are part of it. Getting something done is better than moping. But only time will fix things and you have to be ready to pick it up when the mojo re-ignites (that metaphor is to prove the lack of talent currently available).

Luckily I no longer rely on writing for my salary, but I do need some words to be back soon. It would be good if it wasn't before Monday now.

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