Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Preachers Support Group

I run a small group to support people who preach in churches in and around Nailsea. The format is simple. Twice a term we:

7.30 meet at my house for a drink
7.45 some input on one aspect of the craft of preaching followed by discussion
8.30 a chance to discuss work in progress and get feedback from each other
9.15 end
I have had a good little group of participants but would love to throw it wider. Could you come, or advertise it to others?
The next two dates are Mondays October 21st and December 16th.
I have copies of all the previous handouts which cover:
How to start a sermon
How to get to the heart of a passage
How to find the historical context
What makes a good visual aid?
How to preach to all ages at once?
How to preach on familiar material
How to preach at Easter
How  to preach on the Holy Spirit
How to use gesture and appearance

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Anonymous said...

steve - sounds like a great idea - could i see copies of your handouts please - will put your name on if i use them

every blessing