Sunday, July 21, 2013

Multiplying Money

In our parish we are living out the parable of the talents. This is in order to stimulate interest in the last push to raise the necessary money to finish our imaginative Trinity Project. The project has involved taking three run down buildings and turning them into the hub a modern church needs for its mission and ministry. Two buildings are completed. One to go, plus the equipping and the striking piece of modern architecture - a sweeping glass foyer roof to link the three together.

Today I have been giving out ten pound notes to people inviting them to use the money to pump prime a business to generate more by Harvest this autumn.

What am I going to do myself?

Well all I have going for me is a bit of writing skill so here's the plan. I am going to invest in some nice paper and a clip-frame or two.

Then, if you tell me the name of someone you would like to give an unusual gift to, I will write a one page story featuring their name, print it, frame it and send it to you. All I ask is that you send a donation to cover the frame and the postage plus whatever you think the writing is worth, or can afford.

Any other details of the name you want me to write about will help. E.g. Bill, loves golf and DIY, hates football and is a terrible loser. That sort of thing.

Contact me on my private email to order a commission. I look forward to a full order book with the optimism of a complete fruit loop.


Mike Peatman said...

We did that at Whitley once, and people really responded - baking cakes, knitting and more.

RuthJ said...

Do you do children's stories?

Steve Tilley said...

Yes Ruth.