Friday, February 01, 2013

Day Off in Poshland

It is quite a long time since I found myself in a library at a different town using a strange computer to access the internet. I think internet cafes may be consigned to history soon, replaced by wi-fi and personal devices. Hard to believe I am feeling a strange sense of nostalgia for the internet cafe.

Witney is a strange little town. It is quite prosperous, although you might expect this for the Prime Minister's constituency. Away from the market town main street there are a couple of shopping centres, both clone town specials but one Crew/Monsoon/M&S and a showcase type cinema next to a Franky and Bennys, the other Robert Dyas, W.H Smiths and Cargo.

Found a belting little cafe for a full English breakfast and coffee. Bit pricey but atmosphere bang on right down to the 1980s Dire Straits, Z Z Top and Depeche Mode sound-track.

Have bought three books and three T-shirts and now, by the wonders of social media, may be meeting an old friend for a drink at lunch-time.

I had forgotten what a good thing it is to get out of town on my day off. It is also cheaper, although involving an early start, if I join my wife on a jaunt to wherever she is going. This is what I have done today and can enjoy being a complete stranger in town wandering about a bit.

The staff at the library have been very welcoming to a stranger and have logged me on easily, free and without question. I love my country sometimes.

Tonight we are meeting up with other friends from around the country, this time in Oxford, to have a meal and a drink and then see Milton Jones at the New Theatre. Hoping for a bit of amusement to start my holiday week.

I don't know quite why it is but I often seem to find that my phone, looking alive and healthy first thing in the morning, often turns out to need re-charging on a day when I am out and about without a charger. This is one of those days. I have a spare charger in my car and two in my study. None with me and not my car today either.

I found an M and Co (previously Mackays) who sell T-shirts I like. They were priced at £7 but on a display saying reduced to £5. When I came to pay there was 20% off making the bill £12. It is not the first time this has happened at this store. They need a policy, a bit like selling travel, of working out how much people are prepared to pay and taking that off them. I like these T-shirts and would probably have paid £25 for three.

Still, I then bought three books at about £8 each and it seems to me that books are worth twice as much as T-shirts so that is a bit of a result for small town economics.

My breakfast was massive and continues to satisfy me so it could be a no lunch just a pint day. Brilliant.

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