Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Dear Marjorie

Dear Marjorie,

Forgive me if that isn't your name. You didn't introduce yourself. Somehow I feel that Marjorie is about right.

Thank you for coming up to me after Deanery Synod tonight. It was nice to talk to you. I don't believe we got off on the right foot since you said:

'I hope if you ever give a talk to Deanery Synod that people aren't as rude to you as you were to our speakers tonight.'

It transpires that you thought I was 'texting' during the meeting. In fact you referred to me doing it 'throughout'.

I fear that my explanation of the difference between texting and tweeting, and my engagement with the subject matter and some of the younger people in the room using the hashtag #deanerysynod, may be lost on you. I don't think you understand that I was not engaging with anything but the subjects being discussed - liturgical worship, Bible translation and young vocations. I also surmise that your decision to turn your back on me and talk to the others in my group but not me thereafter may not have helped you grasp the finer points of my explanation or for us to develop and nurture our fledgling relationship. If indeed you wished to.

So, in case you are internet savvy and a cool online Marjorie dude, may I point out that the last time I addressed Deanery Synod it was about the use of social media to help people engage with talks and seminars. I expect you were off sick that day.

It may have escaped your notice that one of the speakers was talking tonight about how we foster the vocations of younger people and another about how we might consider going about translating the Bible into a language people understand. As the first would say, and the second would find a translation for, that is a well sick irony init.

When I go up to people Marjorie, especially people I don't know, I introduce myself and, if I have any problems with their behaviour that have led me to start the conversation, I usually begin with a question to be sure I've understood. 'Was I right in thinking that you spent the whole meeting texting?'

I am not young. I got almost all the questions about youth language wrong. But I like young people you see Marjorie, and I like to learn. You?

Hope you enjoyed the mulled wine.

With best wishes,


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Anonymous said...

VinaigretteGirl here. Crumbs. Well said. I am now, at 55, trying to rediscover the use of both my thumbs, for a similar reason. Poor old Marjorie!