Tuesday, September 25, 2012


A Tory politician, who follows that dress code that only people who think of other people as plebs follow mind you I'm drawing no conclusions, insults a policeman. He apologises. The apology is accepted.

Now some people seem not to be satisfied with this and want him to explain exactly what it was he said that he has now apologised for.

Life is too short; get over yourselves why don't you? Some of us want a better government but not by any means.

Reminds me of when I did something wrong to/with my sister and didn't say sorry properly. I had to say it as if I meant it. Never knew how to do that. Still don't.

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Anonymous said...

So a politician apologies - but why? For calling someone a pleb? We are all plebs unless we are patricians and I would much sooner be a pleb!