Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Party Politics Post Olympics

The late father of a friend of mine, from Labour-voting, working class, urban stock, found it hard to say anything good about any Tory anywhere. Closest he could get was to say 'That Winston Churchill wasn't bad... (pause for effect) ... for a Conservative bastard.'

The gut reaction of the working class used to be labour. Things have changed a bit. In Facebook terms we now say 'It's complicated.'

Politics got a whole lot more interesting recently and continues so to do.

We have to admit, those of us who are suspicious of having privilege running the country, that Boris Johnson is alright (FACB). And Lord Coe (about whose background I know nothing and I don't do research when the comments box is there) did a good job on the Olympics (FACB).

You see a project such as the Olympics, albeit a big one, didn't need political axe-grinding to succeed. The less politics there was in it the more likely it was to succeed. Labour seduced it and Tories delivered it. Sort of.

Privileged background does offer a number of transferable skills - if you can run a stately home you can probably run an army or a government department. Get advice on strategy and tactics maybe then shout at the men to get things done.

Working class background also has people who live in draughty homes with dangerous dogs but with no-one to shout at. The Labour Party used to consist of the more motivated and upwardly mobile poor who jumped from Shop Steward to MP and continued to try and stop their former colleagues (comrades?) being pissed on.

So a crowd booed the members of the cabinet who presented medals. It may seem rude but our gut reaction is to see them as free loaders. But Boris, always using his words to give credit to others these last few weeks, was cheered. He continues to come across as a Londoner who wants the best for London.

We may just have jumped into a world where more people than ever before at the next election will cast their vote based on whether or not, and for whatever reason, they like the candidates. I wonder if a few safe seats will tumble and a few others will buck a trend and hold theirs? Bring on the interesting and eccentric. Hope so. Will make life fun for the pollsters anyway.

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Rich said...

I hate it when people fall for the "cuddly Boris" stuff. Michael Howard sacked him for lying over his various affairs, he supported the homophobic Section 28, attempted to have a journalist beaten up, accused the people of Liverpool of 'wallowing in victimhood' after the tragic and brutal murder of Kenneth Bigley, made insulting comments to Hillsborough survivors, said accusing the Met of racism was hysteria, referred to his £250K salary as a journalist as 'chickenfeed' and branded St Patrick's Day celebrations as 'Sinn Fein lefty crap'.
He should be a long, long way from any serious public office.