Friday, June 01, 2012


Mrs T has given up bread in the morning and now goes to work on a massive bowl of gloop. This means that we have a lot of marmalade in the cupboard with a furry top and that the bread I make goes off before we can finish it.

My mind went on holiday and rested upon Gozitan bread which, fresh from the bakers, is delicious. It is crusty and the inside is moist and slightly chewy. Day two the crust can only be torn - your teeth will not penetrate it - and has an amazing elasticity; the inside is still lovely but by now very chewy and also dry. I don't know how this effect is achieved but I fear it simply demonstrates how many bad-for-you things are in my shop-bought, non-organic bread at home. On day three Gozitan bread is only of any use to the Gozitan Popular Front in their anti-authority campaigns as a flinging weapon of choice. Day four, if you leave it on the floor, the ants come up to you and complain about the quality of supper. Eat fresh bread in Gozo.

Anyway I am now making a loaf and freezing half of it.


RuthJ said...

You have my sympathy. Living alone two weeks in four as I do, I constantly encounter the same problem. But freezing half is not, for me, a satisfactory solution, because it means you can never eat a fresh crust. With a half loaf one is obliged to start with the cut end, as the stability of the loaf is wrecked if the second crust is cut off. And a fresh crust is one of life's chief pleasures.

Kev Webb said...

If you're making the bread, couldn't you just make it into rolls instead?