Sunday, May 27, 2012

Remembering Names

In the whole 'les choses est contre nous' thing here is a tale which is true but shouldn't be. I will change some names.

In a certain church there is a certain vicar who manages to keep his head above water with names but, if the truth be told, isn't as good at remembering them as it sometimes looks.

Lets call two of the men, both married and both of similar ages, Len Brown and Pete Jones. And because they are both short and simple names he sometimes, when they are together, has to work hard to call Len Len and Pete Pete.

He makes a new pastoral contact, someone who will clearly be taking his time up for a while to come, who is also called Len. No problem.

Until he gets an email from new Len and discovers that Len's surname is Jones. He now knows three men of similar age and background called Len Brown, Pete Jones and Len Jones.

If I, oops I mean he calls them all 'mate ' do you think they'll mind?

Someone is having a laugh.

1 comment:

Marcella said...

I'm sure they'd rather you called them all "mate" than avoided them in case you got it wrong.

I'm terrible with first names, but, oddly, very good with surnames and addresses.