Monday, December 05, 2011

Signs 2

Observing the strap-lines on large lorries has become a bit of a hobby of late (see previous post). What would once have been a Fowler chilled van is now:

temperature controlled distribution

I felt confident that Eddie Stobart's fleet, kings of truckers with girl names on the front of their rigs, would claim no such nonsense but was devastatingly disappointed to pass one of their vehicles on Saturday. It proudly proclaimed:

trans store logistics

No-one is a delivery driver any more.

Soon window cleaners vans will be offering:

on-site transparent wall cleansing solutions

And the Fire Brigade:

domestic and industrial combustion calming

I used to be a vicar. Now I wonder if people would rather have:

eternity logistics and solutions

Well it's a thought.


Youthblog said...

I have recently been amused by a couple of straplines on the sides of coaches. In both cases I forget the name of the companies but they were:

"the future of coach travel in Basingstoke"

and the other was

"the word on the street in Newbury"

Anonymous said...

There is actually an Eternity Logistics co. Ltd. in China.

Word verifcation was ingroto, so Santa must be here already