Thursday, October 13, 2011


My best/worst book

In times when I need cheering up, or to take a few moments to enjoy a clever sentence or two I reach for some Douglas Adams. As a Christian Minister there is never a Bible far away and I’ll probably get in trouble with the Hezbollah wing of the Church of England for not mentioning this first. Illywhacker by Peter Carey was enjoyable and still entertains me nearly twenty years after I first read it. It is a narrative told by a 139 year old liar called Herbert who uses a giant pet-shop as a metaphor for the growth of Australia.

I have read so many bad books. I try not to finish them but usually plough on. Dan Brown’s, Angels and Demons was particularly awful. There is no reason to read more than one Dan Brown book. I have read two.

My best/worst evening out

West Bromwich Albion have given me some particularly horrific evenings out over the years so I now confine my live football watching to lower league. I normally find something good in any evening out. In May 1972 I saw The Faces, at the height of their powers, in a field in Lincolnshire, top of a remarkable festival bill. It was my 17th birthday. That was good. Mrs WWA may now sue.

My best/worst CD/record

Whilst all this depends on mood I come back again and again to the eponymous debut album of a band called Sunshine. Nobody else I have ever met has heard of them. Currently I play Radiohead a lot. Drummer Man by Tonight is my favourite single of all time. My family gave me a Des O’Connor album as a joke once. I didn’t listen to it so can’t tell you if it was as bad as Limp Bizkit’s, Chocolate Starfish and the Hot-dog Flavoured Water. It would have to go some.

My best/worst holiday

Two weeks in Canterbury and Hastings in about 1990 with 10 and 8 year old sons when it rained every day. Every day. Any holiday now is my best one, most recently 14 days in Gozo last June. Don’t discover Gozo. Leave it unspoiled for me and Mrs WWA.

My best/worst job

I’ve never had a job I hated apart from going to school, which I loathed. Tasks yes. Jobs no. I hate DIY and will pay ridiculous sums of money to avoid it. I love so much which I can gratefully call work – listening to people, entertaining, writing, making music, preaching. What you got?

Anyone else want to join in this exercise?

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