Friday, September 16, 2011

Music List - Albums T

Seeing gigs at pantomime or variety show (Freddie and the Dreamers, Bachelors, Sounds Incorporated, Searchers, Herman's Hermits, Dave Clark Five) with your parents doesn't really count, for me, as 'first gig.' The first proper gig was Ten Years After at Birmingham Town Hall in the autumn of 1971 supported by Keith Christmas and an early version of Supertramp. The first reverb-heavy 'One of these days boy...' and a guitar chord like someone dropping scaffolding and I was hooked. TYA were not the greatest band in the world but they were my first love and still uncover something primal when I hear them. Alvin Lee, Rick Lee, Leo Lyons and Chick Churchill - I thank you.

2 many DJs is another candidate for the great intros competition but you may be offended as it segues into 'F**k the day away.' Sorry. Still love it. Groove trumps offence any day.

Fall Down by Toad the Wet Sprocket is a desert island choice. Here it is. If you're at a PC and not tapping your hands on your desk within 30 seconds your arms are too short.

Much pleasure given to me over the years by Talking Heads' Remain in Light side 1 (younger people may not know what side 1 is - tough) and Traffic On the Road especially Sometimes I feel So Uninspired.

Other goodies well worth investigating. Some mighty fine things begin with T. And yes, I do own two Take That albums with pride.

2 Many DJs 2002 (CD) Part 2

10CC 1974 (V) Sheet Music

22-20s 2004 (CD) 22-20s

1975 (V) The Original Soundtrack

1975 (V) How Dare You

Take That 2006 (CD) Beautiful World

2010 (CD) Progress

Talking Heads 1977 (V) Talking Heads 1977

1978 (V) More Stories About Buildings & Food

1979 (V) Fear of Music

1980 (V) Remain in Light

1982 (V) The Name of This Band is Talking Heads

1983 (V) Speaking in Tongues

1985 (V) Little Creatures

1986 (V) True Stories

1988 (V) Naked

Talk Talk 1982 (V) The Party's Over

Tame Impala 2010 (CD) Innerspeaker

Tangerine Dream 1974 (CD) Phaedra

Tangle Eye 2004 (CD) Alan Lomax's Southern Journey Remixed

Taste 1970 (CD) On the Boards

James Taylor 1971 (CD) Mud Slide Slim

The James Taylor Quartet 1998 (CD) Blow Up - a JTQ Collection

Steve Taylor 1985 (V) On the Fritz

Tears for Fears 1983 (V) The Hurting

1985 (V) Songs from the Big Chair

Television 1977 (V) Marquee Moon

Ten Years After 1967 (V&CD) Ten Years After

1968 (V) Undead

1969 (V) Stonedhenge

1969 (V) Ssssh

1970 (Tape) Cricklewood Green

1970 (V&CD) Watt

1971 (V) A Space in Time

1972 (V) Rock & Roll Music to the World

1973 (CD) Recorded Live

1974 (V) Positive Vibrations

1989 (V) About Time

Texas 1989 (V) Southside

That Petrol Emotion 1987 (CD) Babble

1988 (V) End of the Millennium Psychosis Blues

1990 (V) Chemicrazy

Thin Lizzy 1976 (V) Johnny the Fox

Thirteen Senses 2004 (CD) The Invitation

2007 (CD) Contact

Thompson Twins 1983 (V) Quick Step and Side Kick

1984 (V) Into the Gap

Tracey Thorn 2007 (CD) Out of the Woods

Timbuk 3 1986 (V) Greetings from Timbuk 3

Tinariwen 2003 (CD) Amassakoul

Tiny Dancers 2007 (CD) Free School Milk

Tired Pony 2010 (CD) The Place We Ran From

Toad the Wet Sprocket 1994 (CD) Dulcinea

Peter Tosh 1978 (CD) Bush Doctor

Tower of Power 1974 (CD) Urban Renewal

1974 (CD) Back to Oakland

1987 (V) Power

Pete Townshend 1985 (V) White City

Traffic 1968 (V) Mr Fantasy

1970 (CD) John Barleycorn Must Die

1971 (V) The Low Spark of High Heeled Boys

1973 (V) Shoot Out at the Fantasy Factory

1973 (CD) On the Road

1994 (CD) Far From Home

Travis 1999 (CD) The Man Who

A Tribe Called Quest 1993 (CD) Midnight Marauders

1996 (CD) Beats, Rhymes and Life

Truebrit 1996 (CD) 40 Essential Indie Hits

K.T.Tunstall 2010 (CD) Tiger Suit

The Twang 2007 (CD) Love It When I Feel Like This

Two Tribes 1992 (V) Two Tribes

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