Thursday, September 15, 2011

Music List - Albums S

The letter S gives a reasonable impression of the whole gorgeous and messy cross-section of my taste. From the Screaming Blue Messiahs to Sancte Deus calling at Dusty and Sting. Pink Bullets by the Shins is a current desert island disc; they are great song-writers and fine lyricists:

'Over the ramparts you tossed
The scent of your skin and some foreign flowers
Tied to a brick,'

Hear it here.

Mrs W brought all the Simon and Garfunkel records into our relationship but they were knackered from being played non-stop in a teenage girl's bedroom in the 60s and sit there useless with valuable sleeves.

The two minute intro to Ebeneezer Goode on Boss Drum is a genius piece of pop-building. Just when you think they can't lift it any more they add something else. Listen here. Clever to get massive club crowds singing '...eezer Goode' rather than  'Es are good.' Naughty naughty very naughty. Got banned.

Raphael Saadiq 2009 (CD) The Way I See It

Sade 1984 (Tape) Diamond Life

1865 (Tape) Promise

Sancte Deus 2000 (CD) A Journey Through the Renaissance

Santagold 2008 (CD) Santagold

Santana 1970 (V&CD) Abraxas

1974 (CD) Santana's Greatest Hits

Saw Doctors 1991 (V) If This is Rock and Roll, I Want My Old Job Back

Nitin Sawhney 2001 (CD) Prophesy

2003 (CD) Human

2005 (CD) Philtre

Leo Sayer 1973 (V) Silverbird

Boz Scaggs 1997 (CD) Come On Home

Scissor Sisters 2004 (CD) Scissor Sisters

Jill Scott 2000 (CD) Who Is Jill Scott? Words and Sounds Vol. 1

Shirley Scott 2001 (CD) Talkin' Verve

Screaming Blue Messiahs 1989 (V) Totally Religious

Seasick Steve 2009 (CD) Man From Another Time

Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band

1978 (V) Stranger in Town

Sex Pistols 1977 (V) Never mind the Bollocks here's the...

Shakespears Sister 1992 (V) Hormonally Yours

The Shamen 1992 (Tape) Boss Drum

Shine 1995 (CD) 20 Brilliant Indie Hits

The Shins 2001 (CD) Oh, Inverted World

2003 (CD) Chutes Too Narrow

2007 (CD) Wincing the Night Away

Paul Simon 1986 (V) Graceland

1990 (V) The Rhythm of the Saints

Simon and Garfunkel 1966 (V) Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Thyme

1966 (V) Sounds of Silence

1968 (V) Bookends

1970 (V) Bridge Over Troubled Water

Nina Simone 1971 (CD) Here Comes the Sun

Simple Minds 1985 (V) Once Upon a Time

1989 (V) Street Fighting Years

Simply Red 1989 (Tape) A New Flame

1995 (CD) Life

1996 (CD) Greatest Hits

Roni Size 2002 (CD) Touching Down

Six. by Seven 2000 (CD) 04

Sky 1980 (V) Sky 2

Smaller 1996 (CD) Badly, Badly

Smithereens 1991 (V) Blow Up

Marston Smith 2002 (CD) I Cellist

Smiths 1985 (Tape) Meat is Murder

1987 (Tape) Strangeways Here We Come

Snow Patrol 2004 (CD) Final Straw

Sounds Album 1977 (V) Good for Nothing

Sounds Album II 1977 (V) Sounds Like a Good Album To Us

Sounds Album III 1978 (V) Can't Start Dancing

Sounds Album IV 1979 (V) The Heavy Metal Album

Sounds Album VII 1981 (V) Into the Arena

Sounds Incorporated 1964 (V) Sounds Incorporated

Soup Dragons 1992 (V) Hotwired

Southside Johny and the Asbury Jukes

1978 (V) Hearts of Stone

Spandau Ballet 1983 (V) True

1984 (V) Parade

Sparks 1972 (V) A Woofer in Tweeter's Clothing

Spiritualised 1992 (CD) Lazer Guided Melodies

1997 (CD) Ladies and Gentlemen We Are Floating in Space

2001 (CD) Let It Come Down

2003 (CD) Amazing Grace

Split Level 1991 (CD) View of a World

Spoon 2007 (CD) Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga

Dusty Springfield 1969 (CD) Dusty in Memphis

Squeeze 1978 (CD) U.K. Squeeze

Starsailor 2001 (CD) Love Is Here

Status Quo 1972 (V) Piledriver

Stealers Wheel 1973 (Tape) Ferguslie Park

Steely Dan 1972 (CD) Can't Buy a Thrill

1974 (V) Pretzel Logic

2000 (CD) Two Against Nature

Gwen Stefani 2004 (CD) Love. Angel. Music. Baby

Stereo MCs 1992 (CD) Connected

Cat Stevens 1972 (V) Catch Bull at Four

1975 (V) Greatest Hits

St Germain 2000 (CD) Tourist

Sting 1985 (V) The Dream of the Blue Turtles

1986 (V) Bring on the Night

1987 (V) Nothing Like the Sun

1993 (Tape) Ten Summoners Tales

1996 (CD) Mercury Falling

1999 (CD) Brand New Day

Stone Roses 1989 (V) Stone Roses

1992 (CD) Turns Into Stone 1994 (CD) Second Coming

Strawbs 1972 (V) Grave New World

The Streets 2002 (CD) Original Pirate Material

2004 (CD) A Grand Don't Come for Free

The Strokes 2001 (CD) Is This It

2003 (CD) Room on Fire

Style Council 1984 (V) Café Bleu

Suede 1996 (CD) Coming Up

Sugar 1992 (V) Copper Blue

1994 (CD) File Under Easy Listening

Summerhill 1990 (V) West of Here

Andy Summers 1998 (CD) The Last Dance of Mr X

Sundays 1990 (V&Tape)

Reading, Writing and Arithmetic

Sunshine 1972 (V) Sunshine

Supertramp 1974 (V) Crime of the Century

1975 (V) Crisis? What Crisis?

Supremes 1974 (V) Greatest Hits

Esbjorn Svensson Trio 2000 (CD) Good Morning Susie Soho

The Swimming Pool Qs 2003 (CD) Royal Academy of Reality


Steve C said...

Sade released promise in 1865? I didn't know her career was quite so enduring. Hope I look so young when I've been working for nearly 150 years.

St said...

I did well to get to S the second time without you spotting a typo.